See Norway on two wheels

See Norway on two wheels

Promoting our products has always been our concern and we work with the best specialists to think out of the box both when we design new models and when we promote them. Our improvements have been a success because we consider our work innovative and through the forum on the company’s website, customers can express their content, discontent and future recommendations.

For our next campaign, we have been working with the Norwegian Tourist Union and on the summer of 2016 we will gladly launch bicycle tours across Norway. Our campaign addresses to Norwegians and tourists alike, who would like to explore the exquisite nature and fjords. We are happy to be the first bicycle manufacturer who initiates such a great adventure. We would take this opportunity to present our summer collection 2016 of bicycles especially designed to resist to long distance trips and we thought there is no better way to prove the high quality of the tires than inviting you to an unforgettable experience.

There are three way of taking part to this adventure: the first one is to buy a new bicycle from one of our stores or order it online. Then you will get a membership card, including a certain amount of points according to the price of the product you purchased. These points will greatly help the customer when wanting to experience a trip by bike in Norway. In a situation where a client buys a bicycle of 3000 Norwegian crowns the equivalent will be 2000 points on his/her membership card. This amount of points is enough for a one day round trip experiencing Oslo fjord.

There is also the possibility of joining the club without buying any product from us, but only drop in one of our stores or go to and sign up with your own bicycle. For this category we have set another prices (see section Itineraries >Fees & Charges >Not a member with us).

To help you be part of this experience, we have introduced an alternative to those who do not own a bicycle but who would like to have a summer holiday on two wheels. To these, we rent any bicycle in our store for 1/6 per day of the initial price of a new bicycle in our store. In addition to this, the charges will be the prices according to the category of those who are not member of our club.  

The key behind our new campaign is to include any bicycle lover in a social gathering where people could meet and make acquaintances. We hope that our new improvements and design of the summer collection of bicycles will encourage you to go for a great adventure.